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4057 Vincennes Road :: Indianapolis, IN 46268 :: 317-471-8996

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Calvalyn G. Day, MsEd

Calvalyn G. Day, MsEd

Licensed School Counselor, Parent Coach

Licensed School Counselor
Parent Coach
Educational Consultant and Advocate
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Calvalyn’s Counseling Philosophy

“When you know better, you do better” -Maya Angelou

My personal counseling style is to use counseling to help you clearly see the areas where you can be better and to teach the individual skills to achieve the desired results. As a licensed middle school counselor, I am particularly passionate about helping children and adolescents bridge into adulthood. By helping parents use specific strategies, I will work with you to teach children how to safely test the waters of independence while fortifying the values and beliefs that will serve as an anchor in their lives.
I have a particular passion for working with students who are classified as at risk or who exhibit difficult behaviors like low motivation, poor self-image or poor academic progress. My commitment to connection with children and families allows for a unique ability to elicit an openness to change. My style of counseling is equally effective at supporting children and teens while encouraging families to make tough choices in order to achieve the goals that they set.


Calvalyn achieved a Bachelors degree from Indiana University in 2011, she then received her Masters of Science in Educational Counseling degree from Indiana University in 2013. She is a current member of the American School Counseling Association and Indiana School Counseling Association. Calvalyn has experience with special education, behavior improvement plans, and motivational interviewing.

Calvalyn’s hobbies include rummage sales, couponing and all things frugal. She enjoys spending time with her husband and four daughters traveling and experimenting in the kitchen.

Scope of Practice

Calvalyn specializes in individual and group counseling strategies with children and teens, parent coaching, and educational consulting.  Calvalyn is a passionate advocate for families with special needs and can consult with you via phone or Skype to protect your child’s rights. To learn more about Calvalyn’s services and how she can meet your family’s needs, email Calvalyn at cgday@thewelltoday.com.


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